Cane Creek Valley Auction

Williamsburg, KY

7,000± acres in Whitley County, KY. Located just minutes from I-75. The numerous trails winding throughout the property allow access to some of the more secluded portions that provide breathtaking views and would make great food plots for the abundance of wildlife. A private compound, hunting preserve, or multiple homesites, this property has something to appeal to everyone.


An Albert Burney representative will be available on May 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, & June 3rd for property tours. For more information call (800) 434-1654.

On-line & Phone Bidding Only.

Registration begins at 10:00 A.M. on Auction Day. Auction begins at 11:00 A.M.

Ten percent (10%) down Auction Day with closing on for before July 4, 2020. Certified funds in the amount of $50,000.00 per parcel will be required to bid. The certified funds may be in the form of a Cashier’s Check made payable to the bidder, wire transfer, or a personal or company check with a Bank Letter.

A 7% auction fee will be added to the high bid price to arrive at the contract price paid by the purchaser.

Broker participation is welcome. Call for guidelines: (800) 434-1654 or (256) 543-1654.

Property Information Available


Cane Creek Valley Auction

Williamsburg, KY

Largest available contiguous land tract in all of Kentucky

Update on Acreage:

Parcel 1 has 3,657± Acres & Parcel 2 has 3,498± acres for a total acreage amount of 7,155.  New legal description available.

7,000± fee simple acres in Whitley County, KY will be auctioned in June. This is an opportunity to buy one of the last great privately held tracts of land in Appalachian mountains. The numerous trails winding throughout the property allow access to some of the more secluded portions, that provide breathtaking views and would make great food plots for wildlife. The property is ideally located adjacent to the Tennessee border in SE Kentucky. The property can be used as a private compound, hunting preserve, or developed for mountain-esque home sites. The property is located in the elk restoration zone, as well as the bear hunting zone. Key wildlife include whitetail deer, turkey, elk, black bear, bobcat, river otter, dove, grouse, pheasant, rabbit, quail, crane, water fowl, and game fish. There are significant reserves of Blue Gem coal and natural gas. Easy driving distance to thousands of acres of national forest, including the Appalachian Mountain Range and Cumberland Falls, as well as some of the best fishing destinations in the entire state.

Property Facts:

  • 11 square miles (contiguous & fee simple)
  • Southeastern Kentucky
    • 4 Miles North of the Tennessee border
  •  Rich Industrial Mineral Base
  • Miles of Internal Roads and Trails
  • Offered in Two Parcels or as an Entirety

Timber Resource – the property hosts over 11± million board feet of timber, approximately 2,063± board feet per acre, according to a timber study conducted in 2020.  There are 13 different varieties of hardwood, softwood, and pulpwood, were identified in the most recent study.  Sugar Maple, Hickory, Chestnut, Oak, and Yellow Poplar account for over 70% of the species on the property. The property was last ‘select cut’ in 2000-2006 and has never been clear cut.

Water – Five free flowing natural streams run through the property, along with numerous ponds, providing an ideal setting for grazing livestock.  These bodies of water provide a home to an abundant fish population including: rainbow trout, white bass, bullhead, catfish, and walleye.

Wildlife – The property is a Sportsman’s Paradise. The property is adjacent to the Daniel Boone National Forest and adjoins several other large tracts, with no fences in the area to deter the natural wildlife migration.  Two decades ago, elk were re-introduced into Southeastern Kentucky via the National Park system. The Kentucky Elk Herd frequents the property today along with deer, black bear, turkeys and other fowl providing an ideal setting for hunting.  Other local hunting preserves include: Cumberland Gap Hunting Preserve, Honey Creek Hunting Preserve, Beaver Creek Game Farm, Goose Creek Hunting Preserve, and the Cedar Hill Shooting Preserve. Kentucky boasts the 2nd most Boone & Crockett White Tail bucks per square mile of any state.

This Vast Natural Resource Property is one of the last large land tracts available in Appalachia, with an abundance of natural resources owned fee simple by two families, with no encumbrances to title.  The 11 square miles of property is situated just off the Interstate 75 corridor, near the Tennessee and Kentucky border.  Some of the key features that make this property so unique, include its plentiful supply of renewable resources, industry minerals, oil, gas and specialty coal (primarily used for silicon production).  This also has an established infrastructure system and a location within 600 miles of over half of the US population. The potential for long-term recurring revenue make this property an ideal multigenerational asset, income stream, and inflation hedge.  Detailed reports on all resources available upon request.

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