Gulf Coast Beach House

Gulf Coast Beach House

Waveland, MS

Beautiful beachfront home and furniture sold at auction for $1,225,000.00. Over 90 individuals from 8 different states previewed the home during the showing period. The winning bid came from a New Orleans family as they outbid 16 other bidders.

The custom tailored marketing campaign brought in 164 total contracts from 25 states and 3 countries.

“We were really pleased with the result of this auction in several respects. Vacation homes have been slow to bounce back as the economy has recovered, and this one had a good bit of deferred maintenance. Despite that, we got it sold at a price that pleased the seller, and it has closed successfully. A title company executive said this was the first house over $1 million they’ve closed in a year in the area,” said Ward.

17 registered bidders from 3 states.

164 from 24 states and 3 countries resulting in over 80 onsite property tours.