Hunting Lodge Auction

Hunting Lodge Auction

Prairie Hills

Keif, North Dakota

77 Contacts from 21 States

This hunting lodge auction consisted of 2100+/- acres of the finest duck and geese hunting made available in tracts or as an entirety right in the ‘Heart of North Dakota’. With over 45 ‘potholes’ spread out over this jewel of prime hunting property the Prairie Hills Hunting Lodge is the ideal spot for the avid sportsman. Prairie pothole country is considered the best duck hunting in North America.

Over the years, the Prairie Hills Hunting Lodge has offered World Class Duck, Geese, Grouse, and Pheasant hunting to the most enthusiastic hunters from coast to coast. One of the only places in North American that hunters can enjoy waterfowl, pheasant, grouse and deer recreational hunting, all within one central area.

With a 5 bedroom farm house with room for up to 6 guests, the Prairie Hills Hunting Lodge is perfectly located to be base camp during your hunting adventures.

The property was divided up into 18 tracts. Bidders from all over the state came looking to purchase the perfect hunting property. Albert Burney’s marketing campaign produced 77 contacts from 21 different states