Santa Lucia Preserve

Santa Lucia Preserve,

Carmel Valley, CA


One lucky family from Hillsborough, CA placed the $1,200,000 winning bid at the live auction for Dean Witter’s Santa Lucia Preserve Home Site. After several Wall Street Journal articles, an interview with Neil Cavuto, the targeted marketing campaign produced one hundred and twelve (112) contacts from twenty (20) states and nine (9) bidders.

“We selected Albert Burney to auction our properties because they were enthusiastic, excited, and energetic and open to new ideas.  We wanted a buzz about our sales and Albert Burney delivered: P.R. articles appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and the San Francisco Chronicle. They arranged interviews on network television and created beautifully photographed, informative and enticing brochures for mailings, hand-outs and on the internet. Can do enthusiasm, energy, excitement, ideas, action – that’s what Albert Burney delivers.  That’s why we chose them as our auction company.”

Rebekah and Dean Witter, III