Flathead Lake Sailing

What sellers are saying about Albert Burney

Dear Warren and James:
Over the past thirty-five years, I have been involved in the purchase and sale of many properties.
In the sale of any property, the marketing is always of key importance. To be successful in the handling of properties ——— especially in today’s rugged economy ——— a far reaching marketing approach is absolutely necessary. One can no longer wait patiently for local real estate agents to generate sufficient interest.

The lakefront property, in Northern Montana, that Albert Burney helped market for me was one that needed a boost from the normal ‘ local ‘ approach. You, at Albert Burney, mentioned that four or five
bidders at auction would be a reasonable turn-out. TEN bidders presented themselves at auction, much to my surprise. In fact, I was awe-struck by the results of your marketing ! In the many months leading up to the auction date in July, I was deeply impressed by the honesty and integrity exhibited by You and
your staff.
I would recommend the services of Albert Burney to anyone trying to sell a property at this time when economic factors are still in a state of flux.
My Thanks to You and your Staff,
Michael A.
Flathead Lake, Montana