Albert Burney Client Referral

  • Broker Referral

    Brokers throughout the country are forming lucrative partnerships with reputable auctioneers because they have recognized the advantages that auctions create. Brokers understand some clients would benefit more from an aggressive marketing program, especially when a time sensitive sale is desired. With the ability to maximize interest and force the market to respond, an auction creates a competitive “closing tool” within a concentrated timeframe.

    Albert Burney has assisted brokers throughout North America by providing their clients with an accelerated marketing program that is customized to generate activity from qualified buyers.

    If you have a client that is considering an auction, contact us to learn more about our proven broker referral program and the opportunity to earn a lucrative commission!

  • Auctioneer Referral

    Albert Burney is actively forming strategic partnerships with auctioneers across the country. We are constantly receiving inquiries from sellers interested in having auctions. Many of these sellers do not qualify for our program, but would benefit more from the local expertise of an auctioneer in their area.

    On the converse, auctioneers can also reap exceptional financial rewards by referring sellers of luxury properties to Albert Burney. We provide you with the ability to compete with larger auction firms for these highly lucrative sales by bringing our experience and credibility to bear.

    We are seeking to form mutually beneficial partnerships with auctioneers to satisfy the growing demand for their services. To find out more about this incredible opportunity, contact us today!

We can accomplish in 60 days what can take years in the traditional RE market!