Albert Burney Luxury Home & Estate Auctions

luxury home and estate auctions

Albert Burney is recognized as an auction industry leader in marketing luxury homes and estates. Our aggressive program generates an incredible level of interest in a compressed timeframe. Through this program, sellers regain control of the sales process by forcing buyers to participate under the seller’s terms and conditions. This process eliminates unreasonable contingencies that can tie up a property for months on end. Unlike traditional sales that compete in the vast multiple listing service, Albert Burney’s efforts are concentrated solely on your property. Our program also eliminates the expensive monthly/annual carrying costs. Through the auction process, sellers can effectively put an end to constant price reduction requests and inconvenient showings.

From contemporary urban mansions and historic rural estates to oceanfront villas and mountain-top retreats, the staff at Albert Burney has successfully handled the sale of hundreds of these high value properties. If you are considering an luxury home and estate auction, please contact us to discover the unique advantages Albert Burney offers.

“Albert Burney handled the sale of our home on Dale Hollow Lake in Celina, Tennessee, and we couldn’t have been happier. The marketing was outstanding. Vivid drone footage provided views of our home both inside and out. This was provided to multiple social media outlets locally and worldwide. Local signage was the best. Auction day provided us with multiple buyers both local and national. Although we chose an absolute auction we in control up until the auction started and comfortable with the up-to-the-minute information provided by the staff. All aspects of our sale were handled with utmost professional service for both buyers and sellers. Would we do it again? Definitely!”

“Over the past thirty-five years, I have been involved in the purchase and sale of many properties. In the sale of any property, the marketing is always of key importance. To be successful in the handling of properties — especially in today’s rugged economy — a far reaching marketing approach is absolutely necessary. One can no longer wait patiently for local real estate agents to generate sufficient interest.

The lakefront property, in Northern Montana, that Albert Burney helped market for me was one that needed a boost from the normal ‘ local ‘ approach. You, at Albert Burney, mentioned that four or five bidders at auction would be a reasonable turn-out. TEN bidders presented themselves at auction, much to my surprise. In fact, I was awe-struck by the results of your marketing ! In the many months leading up to the auction date in July, I was deeply impressed by the honesty and integrity exhibited by You and your staff.

I would recommend the services of Albert Burney to anyone trying to sell a property at this time when economic factors are still in a state of flux.

My thanks to you and your staff,”

“We were interested in a quick sale of our primary home after moving across the country.  Albert Burney stood out among the four auction organizations we interviewed.  Auctions were rare in our area so much buyer education was necessary.  We were especially pleased that, with Albert Burney, you dealt directly with the most senior people in the organization.  Warren Ward and the entire team are knowledgeable, personable, and trustworthy.”

“Even though my property was in a remote location, Albert Burney successfully produced quality bidders resulting in a great sale.  The honesty and integrity of this staff created the confidence that assured me I made the best decision on how to sell my property.”

 “We selected Albert Burney to auction our properties because they were enthusiastic, excited, and energetic and open to new ideas.  We wanted a buzz about our sales and Albert Burney delivered: P.R. articles appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and the San Francisco Chronicle. They arranged interviews on network television and created beautifully photographed, informative and enticing brochures for mailings, hand-outs and on the internet. Their graphics expert even designed a custom logo for our ranch property to be used on wine glasses at our auction celebration party. It’s obvious the entire Albert Burney team loves what they do—as a result, there’s an electric ‘can do’ attitude that flows through the whole crew. Can do enthusiasm, energy, excitement, ideas, action – that’s what Albert Burney delivers.  That’s why we chose them as our auction company.”

“Your team really kept us glued to the planet every step of the way through the process and auction.  We highly recommend you!”

We can accomplish in 60 days what can take years in the traditional RE market!